BigCommerce vs. Shopify – Comparing giants in the

Scalable enterprise ecommerce platforms market

Choosing the right ecommerce platform for your business can be a pretty tough, stressful and time consuming process, and the best thing that you have to help you with it is an article like this. The toughest thing is when choosing the platform is the fact that there are so many different options out there and all of them offer some new and different from the one before, and that can really be quite confusing. Today we are going to be taking a look at two of the best scalable enterprise ecommerce platforms out there, BigCommerce and Shopify. These are two of the leaders in the world of ecommerce, so if you are interested to learn more about them, keep on reading this article.






As a platform that has reached their billionth order just this past year, you can see that this is definitely a very popular platform. Shopify comes with an entire ecommerce solution which will not only help you build your ecommerce website, it will also provide you with all of the necessary tools that will help you run it. This is also a platform that will give you freedom when it comes to organizing your ecommerce and your merchandize which is great and is something

that will give you more control over your business. The basic language that is available for the administrative panel is English, however other parts like email, checkout and more come in a bunch of different languages which will be great for your customers, no matter where they are, your customers from different marketplaces such as the United Kingdom or Australia. The fact that you can start an ecommerce in just a few minutes is a great benefit of using Shopify plus and you don’t need to have any coding knowledge in order to do so, which is another great bonus.

This is another platform that will offer you some of the best themes and templates out there which are all gorgeous and extremely professional looking and all of the apps and add-ons that you can add to your ecommerce are a huge plus. However, the fact that a lot of the time you have to rely on these third-party apps in order to get things done is something that can be considered a downside, and the transaction fees are something that a lot of people have issues with. When you are looking at two of the best scalable enterprise ecommerce platform available to you, Shopify and BigCommerce, it can be tough to decide which is the better option. We hope that reading this article and taking a closer look at some of the characteristics of this platform has been helpful and that you were able to decide which platform is the best option for you.

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